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in a stove called tonnir that has a big stomach and a little mouth that is made from sun-dried earth bricks. F

inds of Nang , such as Nang with meat , oil, ses ame, and so▓ on. Differ ent Nangs ar e for different occasions. Big Nangs s uch as "Aimaike" and "Sh earman" are main ly for holid ays and joyous occasio ns. Small po rtable Nangs such as "Tuachi " and "Katili" are foo d while peop le out touring or wo rking.Most n angs are baked wit 来宾市wap 阜新市wap 简阳市5G 大连市wap 信宜市5G 蒙自县wap 德安县5G 枣强县wap 大英县5G 平顺县5G 三明市wap 龙山县5G 宁化县5G 赤城县wap 汕头市wap 四会市5G 房山区5G 大理市wap 分宜县5G 汉川市5G 传奇私服手机版发布网 w7传奇私服架设教程 传奇私服1.80合击版 现在传奇私服用什么挂 手机版传奇私服单职业 仿盛大传奇私服发布网 新开电信合击传奇私服 热血传奇私服开服表 开传奇私服赚钱嘛 传奇私服服务端免费版